Catherine Jenna Hendry (Cj Hendry) (born 1988); contemporary Australian artist known for hyper-realistic, large-scale renderings of luxury objects using a self-developed scribbling technique.

Hendry was born in South Africa raised in Brisbane, Australia. She attended the University of Queensland in Australia where she studied architecture and finance before dropping out to pursue an art career in 2013. Hendry lived and practiced in Brisbane prior to moving to New York in 2015.

Hendry's practice started as a hobby. She has no formal art training and considers herself "not very creative." Her works are primarily hyper-realistic, large scale ink drawings of luxury objects that sometimes take 200 hours to complete. Working with ink on paper her pieces are achieved through layers of what she refers to as scribbles. She uses photographs with edited saturated lighting, a ruler and a pen as a guide for their placement. Hendry credits her fame to social media attributing her first sale in 2014, a depiction of RM Williams boots that sold for $10,000, to Instagram.

In 2016 Hendry expanded her practice with the launch of a collaboration with fashion house Christian Louboutin. The resulting exhibition, held in the Anita Chan Lia-ling Gallery at the Fringe Club in Hong Kong as part of the 2017 Art Basel, marked Hendry's first time working with color and wax pencil.The difference, the artist explains, is that "color is very difficult, because you've got to use multiple different colors to create one."
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