Claude Tousignant

"Claude Tousignant was born in 1932 in Montreal and has lived and worked there for most of his life. His practice, internationally recognized for its unique and significant contribution to the history of art, is essentially about colour interaction and monochrome. The many important exhibitions devoted to Tousignant's work include a mid-career retrospective that opened in 1973 at the National Gallery of Canada (before travelling to 12 other major centres) and the very large and widely acclaimed retrospective held last year at the Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal."

"Canadian abstract painter and sculptor who lives and works in Montreal. He is considered a member of the second generation of the modern art movement in Montreal called "les Plasticiens". This group of 4 painters (Jean-Paul Jérôme, Louis Belzile, Rodolphe de Repentigny and Fernand Toupin) felt painting should be pure form and colour. Meaning and spontaneous expression were to be avoided.


Geometric shapes and solid colors make up most of Tousignant's work (see samples in the gallery below). He refused to incorporate shapes that could be identified as representational in his work. He pushed the boundaries to simplify the expression itself in the act of painting, incorporating huge circles, square angles, vivid colors in his pieces. During the 1960s, his most popular series came alive with dozens of variations on colorful themes: "Chromatic transformers", "Chromatic accelerators" and "Gongs". But it is during the following decade that he audaciously came full circle on his vision, presenting monotone pieces, the simplest of art forms."
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