Angels1966 by Clementine Hunter

“If Jimmy Carter wants to see me, he knows where I am. He can come here.” This reply to President Jimmy Carter’s invitation that she come to Washington for the opening of an exhibition of her work is vintage Clementine Hunter. Her disregard for fame and the famous was part of her special charm and did not change, even after she became known worldwide for her colorful folk paintings of Black life in the Cane River region of northern Louisiana.

...Ms. Hunter did her first painting in 1939. From then until a few months before her death, she painted continually, on any surface she could find. Her output was prodigious; estimates are that she completed more than 5000 paintings. Like many folk artists, however, Ms. Hunter painted the same scenes over and over. Her works roughly fall into five thematic categories: work scenes from plantation life; recreation scenes; religious scenes; flowers and...
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Media: oil on board
Dimensions (h/w/d): 10 12 (24 29)