Saturday Night1984 by Clementine Hunter

Hunter lived near this popular Saturday night Honky Tonk, and in this particular painting, she captures all the late-night action, including drinking, fighting and violence. Which she didn't approve of.

Her artwork is considered folk art, whimsical and eclectic. But, for many people, little is known of the artist herself. Her name is Clementine Hunter.

Ms. Hunter (late December, 1886 or early January, 1887 – January 1 , 1988), was a self-taught artist renowned for her folk paintings of Black life in northern Louisiana.

“If Jimmy Carter wants to see me, ke knows where I am. He can come here.” This reply to President Jimmy Carter’s invitation that she come to Washington for the opening of an exhibition of her work is vintage Clementine Hunter. Her disregard for fame and the famous was part of her special charm and did not change, even after she became known worldwide for her colorful folk paintings of Black life in the Cane River region of northern Louisiana.
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Dimensions (h/w/d): 20 24 (51 61)