De schilder in zijn atelier (The Painter in his Studio)1933 by Coen Van Oven

In this pastel drawing the painter is in the middle of the world of his own studio in the attic at the back of Vijzelstraat 49. The sunlight shines through the windows right above and falls on the bar behind the head of the painter and also on the curtains for the low window on the left. Above the piano is his 'Large Reclining Nude', about 1920, but in mirror image. Through the windows to the right one can see the sun-tiled roof tiles of the neighboring house and through the open tilt window to the left above the blue sky. It is a beautiful day and the painter, just (or almost) 50 years, feels himself in his element.

See also the four works: 'City gardens in spring, summer, autumn and winter' (ca 1935) that were made in this studio: probably the view from the left windows.

Exhibited: Amsterdam Amstelkerk, 1998;
Two Van Oven brothers, 2010.
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