"Dan Tapper is a sound artist and sonic adventurer with a passion for making the unheard audible. His works span from revealing hidden spectra of Very Low Frequency (VLF) electromagnetic sound to large scale audio-visual installations.

Dan’s work also encompasses the visual with his ongoing project and blog Code Poetry, an exploration of simple rules to create complex and beautiful images, revealing the hidden poetry of machines.

Currently Dan is traveling around North America, mapping it sonically. Future plans include walking the Appalachian Trail in a piece titled “2200 Miles and a Tape Recorder”."

"Code Poetry is a project that explores zen and haiku poetry through generative art. Each image is the visual representation of some very simple ideas, built up to complex forms through repetition of conceptual, aesthetic or mathematical ideas. The works are mostly made using the Processing language. I am beginning to incorporate my work with Code Poetry into my sound art practice, this involves upcoming installations and video works."
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