Daniele Kaehr

Daniele Kaehr was born in Locarno in the stunning Italian part of southern Switzerland. This young Italian–speaking Swiss has always seen the world through a very different lens. Highly lateral in his thinking, Daniele's photography asks somewhat ethereal questions of the seemingly ordinary and offers a means of connecting with people. The combination of Daniele's desire to create fictional worlds with an abrupt realism is most notably illustrated in his captivating Photography of Individuals. His innovative approach and ethos has enabled numerous collective work. Daniele continues to push the limits of his chosen craft through multiple collaborations, commissions, as well as his own professional photography mandates.

Daniele began his photography career in 2004 at the commencement of his Physics undergraduate degree at the ETH, Zurich which he completed, after a 12 month study exchange in Sweden, in 2008. Daniele returned to Zurich after this and commenced his studies in photography at the Zurich University of Arts, which he completed in 2013. His field of work include corporate magazine, editorials and advertising.
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