David Carmack Lewis

Mr. Lewis began his career as an illustrator and although he has focused solely on independent work for more than a decade, he has never abandoned narrative image making. Originally from Virginia, he earned his BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University with additional education in Cardiff, Wales UK.

"It is through narrative and metaphor, the oldest tools of art, that we both create and comprehend the new." (http://davidcarmacklewis.com/home.html)

David Carmack Lewis has lived and painted in Portland, Oregon since 2001....

David's richly colored oils on canvas have evolved from thought provoking figure studies in symbolically rich scenarios to evocative nocturnal landscapes. He says, "at night colors either vanish into darkness or are transformed by the light source illuminating them. My recent work explores the variety and contrasts of different light sources and their interplay with darkness, while I continue to pursue my interest in narrative image making."

David Carmack Lewis is a storyteller, and his medium is oil on canvas. His knowledge comes from having studies arts, design, and illustration at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Studio Arts at Virginia Tech, along with painting and printmaking in Cardiff, Wales. However, what sets Lewis apart is his unique ability to paint scenes which impart the feeling of having just missed seeing the main character. One is left to come up with his/her own reason of why the person left, which means that every viewer’s imagination becomes part of the painting as they add their own perspectives to the stories Lewis tells. The use of warm illumination combined with intense shadowing imparts the idea of being gathered around an old fashioned camp fire, but on occasion a sign of modern times will be found, such as a warning sign or water tower. This leaves one to wonder where the story begins and where it.... http://davidcarmacklewis.com/news.html
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