David Hockney, Vincent's Chair and Pipe1988 by David Hockney

from interview with David Hockney:

DH The perspective is terrific. It’s a very personal view. You couldn’t take a photograph like this. I’ve always loved this painting. Whenever my father came to London, he always wanted to see Van Gogh’s Chair. He thought it was marvellous.

MB What makes it such a personal painting is his trusty pipe and tobacco wrapped in paper on the chair. It’s like a mini still life. You painted your own version of this subject, Vincent’s, Chair and Pipe, which belongs to the Fondation. This was for an exhibition to mark the centenary of Van Gogh’s arrival in Arles in 1888. Many leading contemporary artists donated works inspired by him.

DH I painted my version with reverse perspective. You see this side and then that side, so you are moving. I’ve always loved chairs. They have arms and legs, like people.

MB Van Gogh’s has no arms, but of course he also painted Gauguin’s Chair, which looks much more comfortable and does have them.

DH There is a presence in the two paintings — Van Gogh and Gauguin. They are not just empty chairs.
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