"Diane Hoeptner's paintings feature poetic arrangements of flowers, fruit and sometimes her cats, Coco and Layla. Lush painterly transitions from light to shadow reveal solid forms that have an almost tactile appeal.

...While majoring in graphic design at Kent State University she discovered that she was a failure at methods like press type and the use of an exacto blade. Subsequently a case of wanderlust coupled with a desire for sunshine and big city opportunities lead her to Los Angeles ..."

"...grew up in rural Ohio. She moved to L.A. in the 80's and stayed for 17 years. During that time, she completed a BA in Studio Arts at CAL State Northridge and enjoyed work as an animator for video games and film. ... best known for her cat paintings ... Diane currently resides “back home” in Ohio with her husband and a cat named Coco.


"There's so much beauty in the world. As an artist, I feel it when I paint floral still life and cats... There is comfort associated with both. I never stop feeling dazzled by the variety of outcomes that can be achieved within the framework of still life painting. Visual components like opposites on the color wheel or the passage of dark to light are springboards for my compositions. Flowers have an ethereal beauty that both reassures and revitalizes one's spirit.

I see ethereal beauty in cats too, but cats bring personality and movement. I discovered this when I started painting my own cats who are perfect embodiments of sweetness and snark. They are enigmatic little beasts, the kind who never smile. Portraying cats in a way that doesn’t reduce them to sentiment and cliché is important to me. My inner design junkie must be constantly fed as well as challenged, as long as flowers spring from the earth and cats frolic, I indulge. Life is good and hopefully my paintings communicate that sentiment in a way the viewer can feel." --Diane Hoeptner
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