"Dmitri Cavander is an artist who primarily works in oil on canvas and wood panel, and watercolor. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and currently lives in San Francisco, California. He received his BA in English and Fine Art from the University of California at Berkeley, graduating Phi Beta Kappa.

His paintings have been shown in dozens of exhibitions at galleries in Boston, New York, and Connecticut. He exhibited his work with Gallery Henoch and Spike Gallery in New York, and has had eleven one-person exhibitions with Soprafina Gallery and MPG Contemporary in Boston. His painting Balcony was featured in the exhibition A Tribute to George Nick at the Duxbury Museum of Art. The work received critical acclaim from a broad range of art journals and newspapers, including the Boston Globe and Arts Media, and critics responded to his sense of paint and light. In the March 17, 2005, edition of the Boston Globe, Kate McQuaid writes, “The contrast of shadow with light that’s as sweet and potent as nectar lend these basic scenes a distinctive import. Cavander is a realist who excels at revealing the magical in the mundane with a facile thick brush, thick paint, and a warm color scheme.”

Cavander has drawn since the age of 4, and began oil painting as an undergraduate in Berkeley, where he studied under Christopher Brown, and discovered several key influences on his work – particularly the attention to light and the approach to realism taken by California Bay Area artists like Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud, and the simplification of form found in artists like Fairfield Porter and Alex Katz. After leaving Berkeley, he studied with George Nick, and drew inspiration from the urban landscape, interiors, and highways around Boston."
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