"Born November 7, 1894 – Said to death June 9, 1957 "OK That's Fine."

Donald Benson Blanding, born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.... He trained between 1913-15 at the Art Institute of Chicago....

Blanding became fascinated by Hawaii and moved there in 1915, staying until his enlistment in the US Army in December 1917....

Blanding pursued further art studies in 1920, in Paris and London, traveled in Central America and the Yucatan, returning to Honolulu in 1921. Finding work as an artist in an advertising agency, he happened into 2 years of writing poems published daily in the Honolulu Star Bulletin for an advertiser...

The popularity of these ad-poems led Blanding to follow the advice of newspaper colleagues by publishing a collection of his poetry in 1923. When his privately published 2000 copies quickly sold out, he followed it with a commercially published edition the same year, and with additional verse and prose books....

Blanding's paintings often portray undersea views, flowers and branches. Underwater Scene, from c. 1927-30, demonstrates his use of sharp outlines and lack of shading. His ink drawings are a powerful part of his many literary publications. From 1938-42, he designed Hawaiian themed tableware for Vernon Kilns, near Los Angeles...

He was said to have a female friend in every exotic port, spoke many languages and was a spy for many different countries.

He drew romantic pictures of every visit he made to these faraway places and then wrote poems to follow the pictures.

These picture poem books sold like candy to "Midnight Full Moon Romance Lovers."

All over the world. he would stay with friends in faraway places, leave in the night without warning, And as a "thank you note" leave an entire bathroom wall covered with his romantic exotic island adventures in art.

He was known as extremely kind, sarcastic... (
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Suzan Hamer


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