Dorothy Webster Hawksley

England / 1884 - 1970
Dorothy Hawksley was born in London on 19 November 1884, the daughter of a maker of surgical instruments with an interest in the work of John Ruskin. Her maternal grandfather had been a painter of marine pictures and therefore she faced no parental opposition when she showed signs of wanting to become a painter.....

Although Dorothy Hawksley worked in various media, her most successful works were painted in watercolor and tempera with large areas of flat color and unshaded tone contained within refined outlines. These were influenced by Japanese prints and by the work of her friend Frederic Cayley Robinson.

Dorothy Hawksley was a talented, yet little known, artist of the early/mid-20th century. She was born in London, where she lived all her life, studying at the Royal Academy schools, teaching at King's College for two years, and exhibiting widely at venues including the Fine Art Society, the Paris Salon and the Royal Academy. Her work consists mainly of portraits and subject pictures in watercolor, but she also painted in tempera and oil.

...never married nor had children of her own yet interestingly, women and children form the vast majority of her subject matter and she paints women with a wonderful tenderness.... she was interested not only in women's role in society but also in their place in the world and their relationship with one another.

...She used herself, her sister-in-law and a lay figure she nicknamed ‘Enid’ to model. Her work is quiet, feminine in theme and delicate in execution.
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