Edith White

USA / 1855 - 1946 / wikipedia / womenoutwest.blogspot.nl
Edith White, along with Ellen Farr (1840-1907) and Fannie Eliza Duvall (1861-1934), was among the few professionally trained female artists in So. California during the 1880s and 1890s. They collaborated professionally and helped to mold functional art colonies in LA and Pasadena during that time.

In 1859, White's Quaker family arrived in California by wagon caravan where her family settled at a mining camp in the Sierra Nevada region in 1859. She remained in Nevada County until 1868, with the exception of a 14-month residency in San Francisco. Later, in 1872, she enrolled at Mills Seminary (now Mills College), in Oakland, where she studied art until graduation in 1874. After graduation from Mills, she studied art at the School of Design in San Francisco under Virgil Williams until depleting her finances. She returned to finish her studies after earning enough money copying paintings for a San Francisco firm.

In 1882, White moved to Pasadena, just northeast of LA, where she opened her own studio and worked in the city for 10 years. White received early recognition for her realistic paintings of roses which became her signature genre.

In 1892, White relocated to NY to study at the Art Students League. One of her paintings of white roses was featured in a spring exhibition in NYC.

...White's desire to marry and start a family was discouraged by her father, who did not want interference of any kind in her artistic career. Her strong connection with family resulted in White's remaining under the influence of her parents throughout her adult life. By 1892, White and her parents moved to Point Loma... For the next 28 years, White served as the primary art instructor at the Raja-Yoga School where she was able to paint without concern of the commercial side of art.

...she continued to teach and paint into her old age. Never married, White died in Berkeley on January 19, 1946.
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