Edward Gordon

USA / °1940
"Edward Gordon achieves complete and painstaking precision in his rendering of textures, colors and forms. Like photography Edward Gordon deliberately softens the strong contrasts of the picture without blurring the forms. Edward Gordon mellows the outline drawing with such perfection that it becomes impossible to detect his under drawings.

Edward Gordon creates a quiet beauty of a simple scene with fresh eyes giving the viewer an idea of what Gordon felt as he watched the light flooding through the windows and the shadows and colors cast by objects in the interiors.

Because of the precision and incredible detail contained in each of Gordon's paintings, Edward Gordon is able to produce only 4 to 6 images per year.

Edward Gordon is a consummate draftsman with a keen eye depicting his subject matters. Edward Gordon solitude evokes all of one's senses: the smell and sounds of the ocean, the touch."http://www.fascinationstart.com/edward_gordon_

"My goal is to make paintings so realistic, that viewers are drawn into the imaginary space and share in the peaceful feeling that I try and incorporate into each work. I relish the subtleties of light reflection combined with architectural details that falls somewhere between realism and surrealism. There is something mystical yet serene in the quiet light found in interior spaces presented in harmony with the luminescent effect in the sky." Edward Gordon http://realtormarina.livejournal.com/22601.html
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