Eero Nelimarkka

Eero Aleksander Nelimarkka (1891–1977) was a Finnish painter. He is best known for depicting the flat landscapes of Ostrobothnia known as lakeus but he also produced portraits of notable Finns and family members.

Eero Nelimarkka was born in Finland on 10 October 1891 at Vaasa, the son of Erkki Nelimarkka, a tailor, and Maria Nelimarkka (née Koivukangas). In 1912 Nelimarkka studied at Académie de la Grande Chaumière and in Académie Julian.

In 1945 professor and artist Nelimarkka established "The Nelimarkka Foundation". The founders also included J. A. Hollo. The mission of the Nelimarkka Foundation is to preserve and promote Eero Nelimarkka’s production and life’s work. In 1964 he built the Nelimarkka Museum on his father’s farm at Alajärvi in southern Ostrobothnia. Its core collection of some 1700 works is owned by the Nelimarkka Foundation.

He is buried in the Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki.

Eero Nelimarkka, the youngest of 8 children, was born in Vaasa on 10 November 1891 of artisan parents. His father, a tailor by profession, was also known as a lay preacher. At about the time of Nelimarkka's birth, the family was struck by tragedy: their passionately devoted father suffered a nervous breakdown and was committed to a mental hospital. From that point their mother was the sole supporter of this large family.

...The latter half of the 1910s was an important period of development for Nelimarkka, when he experimented with different modes of painting. He first passed over to dark, expressive painting, only to return to a brighter and lighter color scale....

With the 1930s came a definitive change in Nelimarkka's art. This transition to the late period is most evident in portraiture. The color scale includes darker tones of ochre-green and gray-blue; in texture, the color layers gets thinner, the brushwork even, effaced. The often bold and experimental touch...
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