Elisabeth Stienstra

"Elisabet Bea Stienstra is a Dutch sculptress born in 1967 in Gasselternijveen. She studied at the Academy Minerva in Groningen and later at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. Elisabet sculpts using wood, bronze, marble or a combination of these materials. Her work consists mainly of life-size female figures with whole or fragmented bodies. She exposes the body as a cosmology and a worldview. These sculptures are really interesting and provocative; they are the right balance between modernity and antiquity. Sculpture seems to be her best. Bodies are writhed but not deformed, expression of some kind of moment of revelation. Nothing seems to be more natural.

Currently Elisabet Stienstra lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands." http://www.featherofme.com/elisabet-stienstra-body-as-a-cosmology/
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