Emil Carlsen

Same as Soren Emil Carlsen.

Soren Emil Carlsen (Oct. 19, 1853 – Jan. 2, 1932); American Impressionist painter who emigrated to the US from Denmark. He became known for his still lifes and while by some he has been described as "The American Chardin" he was in fact a far more sensitive aesthetically oriented artist. In an era when many artists succumbed to the pressure resulting from The Armory Show to follow modernistic "developments" Carlsen remained faithful to his inborn aesthetic sense continuing to create at an extremely high qualitative level. It is not a stretch to view him as one of the truly great American artists of the 20th century. Later in his career Carlsen expanded his range of subjects and becoming known for landscapes and marines as well.

During his long career he won many of the most important honors in American art and was elected to membership in the National Academy of Design. For more than 40 years he was also a respected teacher in Chicago, San Francisco and NY.

...He studied architecture at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen for 4 years and then emigrated to the United States in 1872, settling in Chicago.

...Although he was considered to be one of the most respected American painters, Carlsen struggled financially for the first several decades of his career.

He was a sought after teacher and financial necessity drove him to teach more than he wanted, taking time away from his painting.

...Carlsen married Luela Mary Ruby in 1896... They had a single child, Dines Carlsen in 1901... Dines exhibited alongside his father at the Grand Central Galleries in New York.

...The art writer Arthur Edwin Bye featured Carlsen most prominently in his survey of American Still life painting in 1921 and wrote of him:

“Emil Carlsen is unquestionably the most accomplished master of still-life painting in America today. …It is evident that Carlsen has lifted his art to a height it has never reached before.”
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