Emilia Bertolé

Emilia Isabel Bertolé (El Trébol, Santa Fe, June 21, 1896 - Rosario, July 25, 1949), plastic artist, portraitist and Argentine poet. Outstanding artist of the city of Rosario.

The Bertolé family lived in different locations until 1905, when they settled in Emilia's hometown. Later, she studied at the Instituto de Bellas Artes Doménico Morelli, where the Italian teacher was Mateo Casella, and classmates were César Caggiano, Alfredo Guido and Augusto Schiavoni, among others.

At age 12 she participated in a Municipal Contest, chaired by the artist Lola Mora. The contest was about a natural drawing and she drew the head of a classmate. At the beginning of 1909, the newspaper La Patria degli Italiani, published that at the request of the Institute of Fine Arts Doménico Morelli, granted her a scholarship, for her facility for drawing.

In 1912 she participated in a Petit Salon, together with Alfredo Guido, Erminio Blotta, César Caggiano, Manuel Musto, Gustavo Cochet, at a Casildo de Souza store in Rosario (Argentina).

In 1915, she sent three works to the V National Salon of Fine...

She painted nudes and portraits, using different artistic supports, according to the technique used. Her preferred method was the pastel.

In a synopsis of Argentine painting, this artist is located in the period from Impressionism to Post-Impressionism.

In her portraits, either pastel or oil, she made a passage between the background figure, achieving a very interesting atmosphere. It is a painting of desaturated dyes in high values with a propensity to the delicate. Her Portrait of My Father is one of the most accomplished works. She did not propose to please, but let herself be driven by emotion. She adopted for it the technique called puntillismo.

Her friend Adela García Salaberry, poet born and deceased in Bernal, defined her as La Pintora de Almas (Painter of Souls) in her book Por Televisión Argentina, 1960.
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