"... Swiss telepathic healer, researcher, artist who in the 1940s, channeled drawings for her patients using colored pencils, crayons, graph paper and a pendulum. ...her drawings operated both as documentation... http://www.juxtapoz.com/illustration/master-of-the-month-emma-kunz/

"The time will come when my pictures will be understood. My drawings are designed for the 21st century. They also convey composition and form as dimension, rhythm, symbol and transformation of numbers and principles." Emma Kunz (http://www.emma-kunz.com/english/museum/

"... not a trained artist; she is characterized as an outsider artist. Her first exhibition, The Case of Emma Kunz, was posthumous. Inspired by spiritual evolution, she divined with a pendulum and created her drawings by radiesthesia.

... approached geometric abstraction not as formalism, but as a means of structuring philosophical, scientific, and spiritual ideas. Using line, geometry, and the grid, ... created diagrammatic drawings of their exploration of complex belief systems and restorative practices." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Kunz

"Kunz who was loosely considered a visionary or spiritualist artist, created these complex patterns that employed strict symmetry and geometric transformations of lines and crystalline shapes. Kunz created these mandala-like grids with colored pencil on graph paper which she used as visual instruments for healing." http://blog.patternbank.com/sacred-geometric-emma-kunz/

"Researcher, healer, and prolific artist, who also discovered the healing rock powder AION A.

In 1942, as Switzerland suffered a polio epidemic, Kunz worked as a therapist from her home...known for her exceptional healing powers... worked with a pendulum that had a spherical weight on each side, one of a light-colored jade, the other of silver. During a consultation with a young patient, as she watched her pendulum oscillate over the boy's head, Kunz claimed she could..." http://ruthhoggerresearch.blogspot.nl/2
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