Endre Penovác

Endre Penovác has a master of Fine Art (Academy of Art, Novi Sad, Serbia). His artworks are represented in private collections in Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, China, Taiwan, UK, Australia, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Serbia. He is a member of The Association of Hungarian Fine Artists and The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.

Serbian watercolor painter Endre Penovác was born in Tornjoš. He finished Academy of fine arts in Novi Sad. He works as an independent artist.

He started to display in 1981, and since that time, he make group or independent exhibits in country and abroad, Croatia, Germany, France, Hungary, Bosnia. Endre Penovác lives in Bačka Topola.

Endre Penovác was awarded many times:
1986: Second prize of International book fair, for illustrations-Belgrade;
1987: Gold diploma on 6th exhibit of Yugoslav portrait- Tuzla;
1989: Award ˝Moša Pijade˝ on 12th exhibit of Yugoslav drawing- Zagreb;
1990: Ransom award in 6th international biennale of portrait-Tuzla;
1991: Award of Forum- Novi Sad;
1991: Award on International exhibit in theme ˝Dynamic˝- Budapest;
1994: Award of public on biennale of graphic Senmor (Saint-Maur) - Paris;
2013: The 50 works qualified for the 2013 International watercolor catalogue of IWS by the Jury wotes.

He lives in Bačka Topola.
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