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Born Everard Jean Hinrichs on February 27, 1905, Eric Sloane spent the majority of his youth in NYC (until 1919) and on Long Island, NY. His father, George Hinrichs, Sr., grew prosperous as a meat and dairy products distributor in the city. ... An early interest in art was sparked by neighbors Herman Roundtree and Fred Goudy. Roundtree’s illustrations for magazines like Field & Stream made Eric Sloane dream of becoming a nature artist and Goudy’s printing and typesetting made Eric consider...[]

Eric Sloane's devoted the greater part of his life to the exploration of what he later coined his philosophy of awareness. The basic concept of awareness that Sloane articulated through his many books centered upon his belief that the man (and woman) of yesterday was more aware than his or her modern day counterpart. This heightened sense of awareness came principally from "doing for oneself". In order to even begin to understand what Sloane meant by awareness, you must understand the world of 18th century America in general, and perhaps 18th century New England in particular.
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Eric Sloane said that he “discovered” the sky in Taos, New Mexico, but it took a stint painting murals at Coney Island to apply what he had observed and learned in earnest. ... Eric Sloane never abandoned his love of the sky. His clouds and weather still dominated his landscapes. The sky became as central a theme as the landscape below. He was a keen observer of the sky, of weather, of shadow, and of natural light. He understood, if not in scientific terms than in artistic ones, how cloud forms and the color of light changed during the course of the days and the course of the seasons. Winter or Spring, dawn or evening, Eric Sloane’s landscapes are so convincing as a direct result of the artist’s study of, and reverence for, the sky. []
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