Julia Hasselberg1906 by Eva Bonnier

While in Paris, Bonnier met a sculptor named Per Hasselberg with whom she had a ‘complicated relationship:’ the couple were to be married, but their engagement was broken off in 1892, by which time she was back in Stockholm, trying, with only limited success, to establish herself as a portraitist. In 1894 Hasselberg died suddenly, leaving a new-born illegitimate daughter, Julia, who Bonnier adopted. The sad-eyed girl in the portrait must therefore have been about twelve years old when she posed for her adoptive mother.

The granddaughter of Julia Hasselberg posted the following online on July 29, 2007: "I am the granddaughter of Julia Hasselberg. I live in Hamilton, New Jersey and have lived here for 50 years now. I was born in Stockholm in 1938 to Kerstin Agneta Backdahl and David Ragnar Spangberg. I remember my grandmother as being a wonderful person who often spoke about her father Per Hasselberg and her mother Eva Bonnier. My grandmother Julia married Gustav Backdahl in 1912 and they had four children one [of] whom was my mother. I have always had a great regard for my family and it is with great pride that I follow my history on line. To read about my grandmother as a young girl moves me to tears. She was a very important person in my life. Thank you for your comments regarding her and the recognition of her mother's accomplishments as a painter.

Berit Monica Perna
Posted by: Monica Perna on July 29, 2007"
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