Evelyn Embry

Evelyn Embry a painter who mainly works with pastels using the material more as a paint than a drawing tool. Her style is impressionistic but is also realistic when her subject demands it. Embry studied under the Russian based painter, Sergei Bongart. She lives and works in Richford, NY.

Evelyn Embry's work has exhibited in New York City, Rochester, Buffalo and Sedona. The Swanson Art Gallery of San Francisco exclusively represented Evelyn for 12 years, and her paintings appears in their book, 21 California Artists, and in collections throughout the country. Her studies include four years at the Sergei Bongart School of Fine Art in Santa Monica, CA. She now lives in Richford, NY. $2,500

Evelyn Embry's Artist Statement, excerpt: "I needed to contradict society's definition of me as nobody; in short, an aging woman alone in poverty and of no value. I saw older women everywhere being degraded by the circumstances of their lives, treated as invisible, ridiculed and persecuted as I myself was, as well as being exploited. In the last ten years, I'd seen my dignity erode to nothing. This work was the most personal I'd ever done and the most meaningful. I had never thought of myself as an interesting subject, but now I was amazed to find that I interested me more than anyone else! Making art is the one way in which I feel whole. It is the one thing that empowers me, and it is the primary struggle of my life to continue to do so. It is only through art that I am able to recover and reclaim myself."
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