Barn Patterns1967 by Eyvind Earle

Earle's paintings and his serigraphs--screen prints that use paint films rather than inks--constitute a single body of work, for each of the prints he has produced through Circle Galleries and Hammer Publishing is based closely on a painting, and all but two are landscapes. Large geometric forms predominate: trees pressed flat, angular barns, the receding curves of an evening horizon. On these Earle imposes detail that is at once realistic and decorative, hinting here of the Flemish masters, there of the Japanese printmakers: scored bark, weathered planks, a tracery of shadows.

..."The wonderful thing about screen printing is the inventiveness you can exercise with it. You can decide to do a thousand things as you print, like those thin, transparent glazes that shade from light to dark, or from a color to totally transparent. You can do things you couldn't do any other way. Try grading the color along a narrow line of paint! You can...
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Tags: barn tree
Period / movement: illustration