Fabienne Verdier

Fabienne Verdier (b. 1962, Paris, France); painter who lives and works in France.

Fabienne Verdier’s artistic path has taken her through successive phases of research, all focused on her fundamental areas of interest, including the dynamism of forces of nature, the instantaneous and enduring, and movement and immobility. By adopting new tools and ever-larger brushstrokes, she proposes to enable viewers to better access the infinite world of energy and transformations she extensively explores.

Her latest research into the dynamics of forms has led her to explore possible links between music and painting, specifically between pictorial and sonic lines.... A documentary by filmmaker Mark Kidel relating the extensive experiments carried out in Verdier’s studio-laboratory at Juilliard is expected to be released in 2016.

...In 1985, at 22, Verdier left for China to study at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing. She chose at the same time to work alongside and train with the last great Chinese painters who had survived the Cultural Revolution, whom she persuaded to transmit their mastery of spontaneous painting and aesthetic theories despite continued bans....

Creative Process
Verdier’s creative process most often involves 3 phases. First, she records her research, thoughts and observations in notebooks, sketches and inks on paper. Then she prepares the canvas by applying several layers of pigment and glaze in order to obtain the desired degree of vibration, saturation and depth of color. Finally, standing directly on the stretcher and using tools of her own invention, she shapes the paint matter to express fundamental life forces.

Known for her expertise with Chinese ink techniques.... She met Huang Yuan, a Sichuanese calligraphy master and landscape painter, who reluctantly became a mentor. He believed women should not practice calligraphy. There were... (https://alchetron.com/Fabienne-Verdier-881548-W)
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