Faig Ahmed

“Carpet vandalist” and installation artist Faig Ahmed ... [Takes] one of the most iconic symbols of the East, the Persian rug, he changes its traditional form to a more modern contemporary style.

Disassembling the conventional structure of the rug, he randomly rearranges the threads combining them with contemporary sculptural forms to create a Persian rug for the 21st century. With his art, Faig Ahmed is “destroying the stereotypes of the tradition and creating new modern boundaries.” His art is a wonderful representation of the social and political change that is happening through out the east. (Source: http://www.emptykingdom.com/featured/faig-ahmed/)

Faig Ahmed graduated from the Sculpture faculty at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku in 2004. Since 2003, he has been working with various media, including painting, video and installation. Currently, he is study¬ing the artistic qualities of Azerbaijani traditional rugs – he disassembles their conventional structure and randomly rearranges the resulting components of the traditional composition then combines these fragments with contemporary sculptural forms.
Our opinions and decisions are resulting from the influences of our childhood. If we could know all the details of someone’s life we could easily predicted his reactions and choices.
Tradition is the main factor creating the society as a self regulated system. Changes in the non-written rule happen under influence of global modern culture.
The carpet is a symbol of invincible tradition of the East, it’s a visualization of an undestroyable icon.
In my art I see the culture differently. This is more of expectation of a reaction because it’s exactly the change of the points of view that changes the world.
Slight changes in the form of a carpet dramatically change it’s structure and maybe make it more suitable for the modern life.
The Eastern culture is very rich visually. I cover it all in minimalistic forms, destroying the stereotypes of the tra
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