Felix De Boeck

Belgium / 1898 - 1995
"The circle is the expression of life and the straight line of the mystical.", Dixit Felix De Boeck.

Felix De Boeck: (January 12, 1898 - January 18, 1995)

Felix De Boeck made contact in 1920 with Jozef Peeters. He joined Sept Arts in Brussels. De Boeck is known for his wide-ranging oeuvre, including genesis, night lights, maternity and self-esteem.

Especially his works from the 1920s are top.
(Google translation of text at http://weareapart.be/artiesten/felix-de-boeck)

Felix De Boeck basically painted every Sunday. Every Sunday a new painting. He pained on Sunday for two reasons. First and foremost, Felix was a farmer! Every weekday was a working day at his little farmhouse. But there was a much deeper reason Felix painted on Sunday, and only on Sunday. Sunday is 'The Day of the Lord'. Felix painted before God! Only once in his life did he finish the painting he started on Sunday morning. All other times Felix took care of the finish at some other moment of the week, while in his mind a new painting began to graduate, gradually gaining shape. He would then start the following Sunday.

The main subject of Felix De Boeck is undoubtedly 'the self-gift'. He painted hundreds of paintings showing self sacrifice. And always the same principle: a man seen from above. The man raises his hands, symbolizing his self-gift. He gives himself out of his own hands. For Felix, this meant a self-sacrifice to God, symbolized in a small pale glow. Typical and remarkable in the painting of the self-gift are the circles, especially the big outer circle, which in fact is the whole drawing. For Felix, this symbolized the fact that self-sacrifice is a continuous thing, something that, as it were, does not begin and does not end, something of falling and rising again, always and always again, always restarting! Even though the hundreds of paintings of the self-sacrifice...
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