Flor Garduño

Flor Garduño was born in Mexico City. When she was 5years old, her family moved to a farm 25 km away from the capital. There, living with the animals, having contact with nature shaped her character as a child.

She studied visual art at the Antigua Academia de San Carlos (UNAM) focusing on the search for the structual aspects of form and space. She was especially interested in the work at the atelier of her teacher Kati Horna, Hungarian photographer who left Europe during the escalation of national socialism. Horna's personality coupled with the magical and expressive dimension of her photography had a strong impact on the development of Flor's work.

She gave up her studies to work as the darkroom assistant to Manuel Alvarez Bravo, one of the most prestigious Mexican photographers. Printing portfolios in silver, platinum and palladium processes Flor honed her photographic skills. From then her career as a photographer was defined.

She began working at the Department of Public Education under the supervision of photographer Mariana Yampolsky; during this period, she visited remote rural zones to find appropriate themes for schoolbooks, an experience which enabled her to gain insights into Mexico and ....

In 1981, she began working for the Secretariat of Public Education and travelled within rural villages seeking for subjects to illustrate primary school textbooks for indigenous communities. Promptly, Flor Garduño powerfully documented native people’s culture before adopting a more intimate practice, concentrating on feminine nudes. With her poetic images, the photographer blends nature, Latin-American mystique and the sensuousness of the body sculpted by light, thus providing a surrealist-like dimension to her work. By enhancing femininity and associating it to powerful myths and rituals, Flor Garduño pays tribute to the Everywoman. (http://theredlist.com/wiki-2-16-601-784-view-nude-body-profile-garduno-flor.html)
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