Francisc Chiuariu

Francisc Chiuariu’s latest series revolutionises the space of the painting, decomposing it in different layers: on the front oils, on the back typographic inks. The “Outdoor” project of Francisc Chiuariu selects a series of individuals captured in their daily journey. The collective character from all his compositions is composed of the various faces of walkers by. The street scene as recorded by Francisc Chiuariu represents the common collective space and the way it is assumed and used by pedestrians.
In the project ”Shadows”, the characters’ shadows and their place in the picture become more important and even replace their actual presence. Francisc Chiuariu draws attention upon the postmodern process of individual disintegration within the collective space.
Following “Shadows”, “Circle theory” series is naturally constructed. Under the pretext of a child playing with a circle, Francisc Chiuariu visually develops a succession of special graphic effects, isolating a character from their shadow. These symbolically spans throughout a game of presences and absences.
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