The Triumph of Venus by François Boucher

Rococo is the frothy, frivolous, and largely superficial artistic era that encompassed the mid-18th century in Europe, predominantly France. Francois Boucher was le bon ton of the French art world, and was admired by King Louis XV and even more by his famous mistress of 19 years, Madame de Pompadour - he painted her portrait several times. This painting is one of his finest. I see Rococo French painting as being largely a decline in the quality of French art. Even though obviously incredible skill went into the creation of this painting, it's the fault of Rococo and its unrealistic cherubic faces that we have no idea what Marie Antoinette looked like!
"Arab Purchasing a Bridle" by Gerome

Gerome was a leading artist from the 19th century Oriental movement in art, which favored scenes from Arabia. He painted many scenes of harems and men in turbans. I liked this painting in particular because of how lumin
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