"I create life-sized, super-realistic wood sculptures of things that we tend to keep. Old jackets, hats, quilts, and other items that we hold on to, even after they're too worn out to be useful. Happy, or melancholy reminders of good times, or good places in our past that we hold dear. I work alone, one piece at a time. I currently show my work in galleries in Palm Beach, New York, San Fransico, and LA. It seems these days that many people need some sort of "backstory" on the artist before making any sort of appraisal of the work. I was somehow accepted to an Ivy League college, and... I don't think they approve of what I've done with my life since graduation. I hope you'll look at what I do, and any number of other things at ArtPiize, and simply think, "Wow, I can't believe someone thought of doing this, and had the patience, stamina, and determination to actually make it", and you'll want to see more."
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Suzan Hamer


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