Fredrik Söderberg

Fredrik Söderberg, born 1972 in Örebro, is a Swedish artist.

He studied at Konstfack 1995-2000 and the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in 2002. He has excellent watercolor paintings based on early alternative movements, occultism and esoteric currents. He is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, with artists such as William Morris and Walter Crane.

After a final exhibition and book of German occultism as the theme, Back to Nature in Germany, Söderberg announced in 2016 that, for personal reasons, he will no longer work with occult and esoteric subjects. Söderberg is represented by the Modern Museum
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My artistic activity is founded in painting. During the past years I have explored art’s connections to the occult world and to different esoteric traditions. Religion, religious experiences and meditation are important parts of my artistic work and of my life. My images are often based on existing images within the esoteric and mystical traditions and can be seen as a map-making of their symbols and archetypes. The metamorphosis and the generation of new meanings that takes place during the work process can be likened to a magical and alchemical work. I’m interested in re-organizing and further developing these image-worlds and placing them in a contemporary context.
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