Self Portrait as a Tehuana1940-1943 by Frida Kahlo

This self portrait is also known by two other titles: "Diego in My Thoughts" and "Thinking of Diego". Frida's husband, Diego Rivera, continued to be an incorrigible womanizer, and Frida's desire to possess him expressed itself in this portrait. Diego's miniature portrait on her brow indicates Frida's obsessive love for the fresco painter….he is always in her thoughts. She is wearing the traditional Tehuana costume that Diego greatly admired. She painted herself wearing it to attract Diego and entice him closer. The roots of the leaves which she wears in her hair suggest the pattern of a spider's web in which she seeks to trap her prey... Diego.

Frida began this painting in August of 1940, the year she and Diego divorced but didn't finished it until 1943.
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Dimensions (h/w/d): 30 24 (76 61)