Georg Baselitz

If you are not familiar with artist Georg Baselitz, don't be too upset with yourself. Baselitz is one of those artists who is famous enough to make a serious living at it but not mainstream enough to be a household name. They won't be making a biopic about his life, but a documentary is always possible.

That is not to say that Baselitz isn't an incredible artist. His style is considered neo-expressionist and he is known for painting upside down heads. His work has gotten attention over the years for its provocative style and color palette. He has won numerous prestigious art awards and was named honorary professor at both the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno in Florence and London's Royal Academy of Arts. It is without any doubt that Baselitz is a skilled and accomplished painter.

What is not without doubt, however, is the possibility that Baselitz has some serious gender bias. In a recent interview with the online German publication Speigel Online, Baselitz came right out and told the publication that "women don't paint very well." What? Not only did Baselitz suggest that women should not pick up the paintbrush, he decried it a fact that women are less skilled than their male counterparts. Baselitz goes on to say that despite this lack of talent, women make up the majority of students in art school.
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