Georg Flegel

Germany / 1566 - 1638 /
Georg Flegel was a German painter of Baroque Era, best known for his still life works.Flegel was born in Olmütz, Moravia, 1566 to a shoemaker, it is assumed that Flegel moved to Vienna around 1580 due to his religious views.In Vienna he became the assistant of Lucas van Valckenborch I, and he followed him to Frankfurt, which in that time was a great art dealing city. As Valckenborch's assistant Flegal put fruits, utensils, and flowers in to Valckenborc's paintings. In a period of about 30 years, Flegal published 110 watercolor paintings, that included a table, with some flowers, food, utensils and the occasional animal. He died in Frankfurt am Main, 1638. (
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