George Christakis

I was born in Heraklion City, Crete, Greece. I lived there my first 18 years then I moved to Athens to study public administration in Panteion University of social and political sciences. During the second year of my studies I became interested in photography and in pictures in general. I started saving some money and with the first chance I bought my first DSLR camera. It wasn’t something special as a camera, but it was important for me to have it. Soon I started looking what all that buttons do, by shooting and trying, almost alone.

At the same time I started sharing my shots on Internet. After some time I realized that taking some shots is not what I really like. I had pictures in my mind that I couldn’t make just by shooting with a camera. So my next step was pretty clear for me. I needed to learn image processing. Actually I had a very basic knowledge from my childhood, when I was tried to digitally change the wheels of my father’s car. I started searching for software that I could use to start making my own dreamlike images. But I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. This was a really difficult stage. After some weeks I started creating my first image. I was pretty excited, not because of the result but because I realized that I had the chance to create what I sawin my mind. When I shared my first creations on Flickr people showed interest, and after enough images I had my first interviews and book appearances came.

Style and techniques

I usually create pictures with some moody, strange environments, maybe and unusual colors. I am color blind, therefore I can’t really see the true colors. In the past I used to work only with black and white pictures. Now I’m trying colors as well, hoping that I won’t do something in excess.

...As for techniques I use what is most commonly known as image manipulation techniques. I use Photoshop with all of its tools such as masks, layer masks, clone...
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