"Open your dumb eyes." George Nick

The varied subjects in George Nick's paintings - ranging from vintage automobiles to Back Bay street scenes, from Venetian waterways to Maine landscapes - reflect his appetite for experimentation. "I'm always reaching out for left-field ideas and approaches, trying to understand what I can do and what I can't do," says Nick. This freshness is reflected in Nick's paint handling, which, always lively and luscious, veers from crisply detailed strokes to broad swaths of color, sometimes within the same piece.

Blurring the line between realism and expressionism, Nick has described his painting style as intuitive and inventive. What we see between the frames is not a moment frozen in time, but a collection of moments that unify in our mind’s eye. Nicks paintings are complicated... (http://www.gallerynaga.com/artists-list/george-nick/)

Great teachers don’t merely pass on knowledge. They model how to live a passionate and engaged life. So it is with George Nick, the realist painter born in 1927, who taught at Massachusetts College of Art, as it was then known, for 25 years.

....Looking at Nick’s paintings, it’s evident that he’s not after anything high-concept. He drives around in his mobile studio, a converted truck, and paints on site. He paints Back Bay brownstones and Victorian houses; he paints rocks on the shore; he paints antique cars and living-room interiors. Ho-hum, right? Heavens, no. Nick’s paintings are electric. You can see in his canvases the artist’s tango with the changing light. His tool kit of strokes ranges from broad and wet to dry and wispy. His keen eye (and not a little bravado) reveals surprising layers of color in both shadow and light. With his childlike delight in the sheer materiality of oil paint, and his mastery of its manipulation, Nick makes paintings that burst.... (https://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/2012/07/30/tribute-george-nick-painter-and-teacher-with-heart/bvMcaqXM2eGkZTrSRnmQxO/story.html)
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