Un Dimanche Après-midi à L'île De La Grande Jatte1884 by Georges Seurat

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

... presents the Parisian bourgeoisie in the act of public self-display during leisure time.

Seurat fathomed the deepness of black. Absorbing the light, the surfaces of his drawings shimmer in their porous blackness. Subtle contrasts of light and dark reduce the figures to bodiless silhouettes. Seurat recorded unspectacular motifs on the outskirts of the city –passers-by and strollers he ran into in the Parisian suburbs. Simplifying them to geometric shapes, he used these figures to study the contrasts of light and dark. Still adhering to an Impressionist brushwork, Seurat also sketched an idle bourgeoisie on a Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte near Paris on small panels of wood. When transferring these motifs to the canvas, he translated them into small dots for the first time, placing them closely next to one another.
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