Abstraction1946 by Georgia O'Keeffe

Cast 1979-1980.

In Abstraction, O’Keeffe treated 3-dimensional forms as drawn lines, changing in width and thickness and enclosing rounded spaces that vary in diameter and size. The voids are as visually active as the lines that define them. This 1946 sculpture began as a small tabletop piece molded in clay. Beginning in 1979, several editions of the sculpture were made in various sizes and materials such as white-lacquered bronze and cast aluminum. O’Keeffe posed for Bruce Weber in front of a scaled-up version of Abstraction in a photograph on view nearby.

Few people would recognize Abstraction as a sculpture by Georgia O’Keeffe. Yet the curvilinear lines and powerful, simplified forms resonate with other works in her career, and the shape is reminiscent of a spiral, a weed, a bone, or a seashell. Abstraction is also an exploration of solids and voids. The relationship of the white-lacquered bronze form to
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