Calla lilies with Red Anemone1928 by Georgia O'Keeffe

In December of 2011, O’Keeffe’s Canna Red and Orange (1926) was auctioned at Christie’s for $1.43 million. It was a a very colorful 20 X 16-inch oil on canvas.This sale was totally eclipsed by Christie’s auction in 2001 of Calla Lilies with Red Anemone (1928) for an amazing $6.17 million. In an article in 1989, art expert Nicholas Callaway wrote that some found O’Keeffe’s flowers to be “sensual” and others found them to be “chaste,” but the most amazing fact is that the paintings were done by a woman “at a time when the art world was almost exclusively male.” One fact is painfully but blissfully true: controversy brings notoriety (“Big Art” 2).
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