From The Faraway, Nearby1938 by Georgia O'Keeffe

From the Faraway, Nearby (Deer’s Horns, Near Cameron) depicts a deer’s sun-bleached skull and antlers floating in front of a distant mountain range. ... it hums with a symbolic charge.... O’Keeffe has us believing... that she found her subject as she painted it, levitating above the desert floor. In Latrobe’s hands, such antlers might be rendered clinically against a stark white ground. In Harnett’s, they would be but a prop in a highly orchestrated mise en scène. For O’Keeffe, they are part of a place, inseparable from and meaningless without the context in which she paints them. It is this relationship of object to space that is unseen elsewhere in the exhibition, and it points to what has been missing all along. The painting opens a window into that truly great genre of American painting, the landscape, allowing light and air into the exhibition ... (
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