Manhattan1932 by Georgia O'Keeffe

In 1932, for an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, some 60 contemporary artists were commissioned to create designs for a large public mural. Each was asked to submit a small mock-up of a mural and then scale up one part of the design. O’Keeffe’s mock-up was a triptych of modern New York cityscapes, claiming for herself a subject that had long been the province of male artists. This painting is her enlarged version of one piece of her overall design. It is a colorful composition of pink, mauve, red, black, and white skyscrapers, two wedges of blue sky, and, as her personal signature, three floating flowers.
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Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions (h/w/d): 84 48 (213 122)
Location: Smithsonian American Art Museum , Washington, DC