New York Street, No. 11926 by Georgia O'Keeffe

O'Keeffe created a series of paintings of New York skyscrapers between 1925-29. They were made after Nov. 1925, when O'Keeffe moved with her new husband, Alfred Stieglitz, into an apartment on the 30th floor of the Shelton Hotel, one of NYC's tallest skyscrapers, which gave her expansive views of all but the west side of the city. She expressed her appreciation of the city's early skyscrapers that were built by the end of the 1920s.
She had clear, unobstructed northern, eastern, and southern views of the city. The building was located between 48th and 49th Streets on Lexington Ave. O'Keeffe said of her interest in painting cityscapes, "I know it's unusual for an artist to want to work way up near the roof of a big hotel, in the heart of a roaring city, but I think that's just what the artist of today for stimulus.... Today the city is something bigger, grander, more complex than ever before in history."

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Media: oil on canvas