Ram’s Head, White Hollyhock-Hills (Ram’s Head and White Hollyhock, New Mexico)1935 by Georgia O'Keeffe

The rows of little hills under the Ram’s Head at Ghost Ranch must have been formed by thousands of years of wind and rain…I had looked out on the holls for weeks and painted them again and again—had climbed and ridden over them—so beautifully soft, so difficult…I had painted those hills from the car in bright sunlight and had failed dismally but I could see them—farther away—from my window in the rain. So I tried again. They seemed right with the Ram’s Head…I don’t remember where I picked up the head—or the hollyhock. Flowers were planted among the vegetables in the garden between the house and the hills and I probably picked the hollyhock one day as I walked past. My paintings sometimes grow by pieces from what is around.
—Georgia O’Keeffe, 1976

In the mid-1930s, O’Keeffe’s frame maker George Of made scalloped and punched sheet metal frames for some of her paintings. These were inspired by vernacular traditions in tin ware made by Hispanic artists and artisans in the Southwest.
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