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Geraldine Javier is a contemporary Filipina Visual Artist who work is best known for her work which blends of painting with various media, and is "recognized as one of the most celebrated Southeast Asian artists both in the academic world and in the art market."

She rose to prominence in 2003 when she received the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Thirteen Artists award, and has since exhibited her works widely both in the Philippines and abroad.

Born in 1970, in Makati City, Javier did not start out with a training in arts as most of her contemporaries did, having first pursued a career in nursing before turning to the arts.

When she did eventually begin her art training through a bachelor's degree at University of the Philippines Diliman (UP) College of Fine Arts, she was strongly influenced Roberto Chabet, who is known for "highly conceptually oriented training" - a fact which some critics credit her "predilection for making art which emphasizes intellectual engagement over immediate emotional response."

Javier's work is best known for its blending of various media - sometimes with her oil paintings incorporated into installation art, and sometimes with various media such as embroidery or found objects prominently incorporated into her canvases.

Artist and art writer Nastia Voynovskaya, describing Javier's show, “Stuck in Reverse", in Berlin, notes:

"Instead of stretching her canvases, she incorporates her oil painting into her installations, sewing them like tapestries into tent structures that evoke the feeling of “home.”

Malaysian curator and arts writer Adeline Ooi describes her work in context:

"She belongs to a new generation of young Filipino artists whose interests are variegated and extensive, and who, unlike their social-realist predecessors, are engaged in pursuing the personal and the idiosyncratic. These voices from the periphery express powerful individual narratives influenced by...
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