Gernot Bubenik

The artist Gernot Bubenik doesn't make any compromises. He lives for art itself, not solely for the painting and certainly not for the market. For nearly 50 years he has now been working relentlessly in a live/work loft high above Berlin. He is engaging in a life long quest to explore the origin of form and movement in all things living. He puts complex thoughts into a visual formula, follows the movement of his hand or uses his entire body. During 5 decades Bubenik went through many different artistic developments and stages, but his central theme always stays visible and present.

Since 1967 this artist loft in an old factory building is his epicenter and micro cosmos. Here, art was created, theories developed, children raised, earthworms cultivated and new paint invented. Around it buildings were squatted, torn down. The Berlin wall fell, his loft burned and the firefighters threw all his painting into the courtyard 4 stories down. But still, up here, high above Berlins infamous neighborhood Kreuzberg, the Bubenik universe stayed preserved like in a cocoon. Once it stood on the egde of West Berlin, on a street that was cut of by the wall. But after the fall of the wall it suddenly was smack in the middle of it all and the neighborhood became a cultural hub. But in his artist loft the clocks tick differently. Up the 8 flights of stairs, in his own little world, Bubenik’s work was not influence by wether or not he was currently “hot”, bought or ignored. Here it was possible for him to simply follow his impulses and only do what drives him personally.
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