Gertraud Reinberger-Brausewetter

Austria / 1903 - 1992
Gertraud Reinberger-Brausewetter (born 10 February 1903 in Vienna, died March 30, 1992 in Hinterbrühl); Austrian graphic artist.

...In 1914, at 21, she created 4 large tempera works in the Church of St. Othmar in Mödling. The art nouveau paintings were placed in an enclosed porch area erected by her father....
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10.2.1903 Gertraud Reinberger was born in Vienna as Gertraud Brausewetter, the second oldest of four siblings and daughter of a construction company manager.

1911 Entered into the youth class of Professor Franz Cizek at the Kunstgewerbeschule

1914 Created four large tempera works for the church of St. Othmar in Mödling

1916 Created first woodcut

1919-1921 studied at the Department of Modern Art at the Department of Fine Arts, under the direction of Professor Cizeks; occupied with theosophy and anthroposophy, which left clear traces in her work; numerous trips with her father to Italy, Germany, Egypt and the Middle East with a focus on architecture

1915 Met Gustav Meyrink

1929 Married Paul Reinberger, with whom she later had 3 children

1931 Purchase of 58 woodcuts by the Albertina Graphics Collection

1932 Participation in the exhibition "Christian Art" in the Vienna Secession

1946-1948 Director of the Jugendkunstklasse after the death of Franz Cizeks

1969-1990 various individual exhibitions in galleries in Vienna, Munich and Bologna

1979 A further 21 woodcuts were added to the Albertina graphic collection

30.03.1992 Gertraud Reinberger dies in her parents' home in the Hinterbrühl near Vienna
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