Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein)

Photo: 1926

...Gluck redefined the landscape of American art. (

Gluckstein defied the conventional roles expected of young women of her class and
time. She left her family to become an artist, insisted on being known only as "Gluck," dressed in male
attire, and lived openly with women throughout her life. Continued at

A rebellious figure who dressed like a man (enjoying the embarrassment this caused) and adopted her monosyllabic name—‘no prefix, suffix, or quotes’—because she thought the sex of the painter was irrelevant. She was born into the family that founded the J. Lyon & Co. catering empire and had the wealth to indulge her eccentricities. ....

In the 1920s and 1930s she become well known for portraits and formal flowerpieces..., exhibiting with great success at the Fine Art Society, London. Her pictures were painted with fashionable panache in an Art Deco style and in 1932 she designed and patented a frame in keeping with them: it consisted of 3 white bands stepped back from the picture so that, in her own words, ‘the usual essence of all frames was reversed and instead of the outer edge dominating, it was made to die away into the wall and cease to be a separate feature’. After the Second World War she faded from prominence and in the 1950s and 1960s she devoted much of her time to an obsessive campaign to improve the quality of artists' materials. .... (

Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein, 13 Aug. 1895-10 Jan. 1978); British painter.
Gluck was born into a wealthy Jewish family, the child of Joseph Gluckstein, whose brothers Isidore and Montague had founded J. Lyons and Co., a British coffee house and catering empire. Gluck's American-born mother, Francesca Halle, was an opera singer. Her brother, Sir Louis Gluckstein, was a Conservative politician.... (
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