Gosia Janik

A silence of mood enacted in every single frame here. Gosia Janik is a polish photographer who is a brilliant craftswoman in portrait photography. Her Pictures are most often monochrome which are strong and powerful. The Square crop adds a plenty to the vision of Gosia. Be it the image processing or the introduction of her pet cat they add more vibrancy and an excellent relation to the scene. Mood as gloomy, strange and captivating as in these pictures. All the pictures here shows how good a window light can be used under challenging circumstances, in short brilliance overall.

I am 34 year old Polish photographer based in Madrid, Spain. My specialization is Portrait Photography. I love to work with people and observe them throughout the lens. In Poland during10 years I had my own studio doing lots of social and artistic photography, now in Spain I am more into fashion world.

Gosia Janik lives and works in Poland. In 2002 she completed her Master's Degree in Art Education, Photography at Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa.

Two years later she opened her own photography studio where she takes artistic portraits. Recently experiments with self portraits combining her pictorial style with the other passion in her life: yoga.
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